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A Year On The Farm

The Farming Year: Product


We begin the year by picking our indoor daffodils in early January, allowing us to open the farm shop. In addition to daffodils, tulips, iris and many spring favourites will be for sale. Later in spring, when the local rhubarb and popular fresh asparagus are in season, the variety of stock grows making your visits all the more worthwhile.



Opening for pick your own in late May, we are busy throughout the season. Our crops of strawberries and broad beans come first, followed by our raspberries and sunflowers with sweetcorn arriving last.


As well as the recent addition of pumpkin picking at Hollam Nurseries, autumn is a great time on the farm. With our own fresh sweetcorn, pumpkins and wallflowers available, we also sell a variety of spring bulbs ready to be planted.



Closing the shop just before Remembrance Sunday, we work behind the scenes to prepare for another year on the farm. From ploughing to potting spring flowers, we keep busy until the Christmas Season arrives.

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